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Selection of raw materials for medicinal materials
Genuine medicinal materials refer to the medicinal materials produced in a specific natural condition and natural environment. Therefore, the quality of the genuine medicinal herbs is better than that of other medicinal herbs in other areas. It is the pronoun of high - quality Chinese medicinal materials, which is known as "non - prescriptions of non - Chinese medicinal materials, unsuitable medicinal herbs".


传统工艺 古法炮制
Traditional processing and processing of ancient method
Shandong lying in strict compliance with the process in the process of ancient medicine processing, according to the regional environment to adopt different processing technology in the corresponding, to ensure drug quality, curative effect at the same time, will also be the ancient brewing technology intangible cultural heritage heritage and development.


恪守质量 层层把关
Scrupulously abide by quality
Shandong Muze Chinese herbal medicine limited company since its inception, always adhere to the concept of honesty and trustworthiness, adhere to the principle of geoherbs Zungu processing. Not without the medicinal properties of herbal origin; not without; without moth, mildew and rot.


传承开拓 观今鉴古
The view of inheritance and development
The company's business scope includes the production and sale of various specifications of Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese herbal medicine and substitute tea. In the conventional production, the traditional processing technology is emphasized, and the modern technology is combined with the vacuum packaging to ensure the quality of Chinese herbal medicine.

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