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Shandong Muze Chinese herbal medicine limited company

Shandong Muze Chinese Herbal Medicine Co. Ltd.
Business scope: the production and sale of Chinese herbal pieces, tea products and alternative tea, Chinese herbal medicine cultivation, purchase and sale, pre packaged food, health food, Chinese herbal pieces, Chinese patent medicine and medical excipients. (according to the approval of the project, approved by the relevant departments can be carried out in the rear of business activities)
The company is located in Shanxian County, "the hometown of longevity in China".
Business address: two road in Shandong Province Economic Development Zone Binzhou City Huimin County No. 399
English name of the company: Shandong Juye Aotai Prepared Herbal Medicine Co., Ltd.
Company type: limited liability company (natural person investment or holding)
Industry: manufacturing
Date of establishment: 2005-06-07
Registered capital: 50 million RMB
Telephone: 15105434456

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